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Bjork on women getting credit in the music industry

“I didn’t want to talk about that kind of thing for 10 years,” she said, “but then I thought, ‘You’re a coward if you don’t…


In Defense Of 1,000 True Fans

“What I find most striking about this interview is the fact that Matthew makes 26.3% of his net income from just 40 hard- core fans.” 

Tome Yorke’s innovative bit torrent album distribution

“When he released the album, Yorke said in a statement that he hoped the bundle would become an alternative to traditional music releases for more…

The musical genius shares his songwriting secrets, opens up his finances and ponders the future of art and the Web.

David Bryne Interview on

  • makingalivingmakingmusic-6-25-13-final-hi-res

This IS a real job…