Brindl Markle

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Brindl Markle – Producer & Composer

I am a versatile multimedia creative experienced in audio/sound design, music composition, film and web & graphic design. Proud member of Women’s Audio Mission. Open to new opportunities and collaborations. Contact Brindl >

Music Composition

Brindl: Love It Up, 2014
Credits: Brindl Markle – Co-production, additional mixing, arrangements, songwriting

Virga is downtempo beats, ethereal synths and ambient piano
Credits: Brindl Markle – Production, composition, recording, mixing. (Ableton, Protools)

Artist: SOMA: Natural soundscapes and improvisational piano. Created for ultimate somatic integration and relaxation.
Credits: Brindl Markle – Production, composition, mixing. (Ableton, Pro Tools)
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