During these times of high stress, I have found it useful to take some extra time each day to get back into my body — even if I don’t feel up to a doing a formal meditation, just laying down and listening to music or guided relaxations can be so helpful.
I have been working on a music project called SOMA: music made with the intention to support restful, meditative and sleep states, calm the nervous system, and reconnect with the body and thought this would be a good time to share in case it could help anyone during this stressful time. I have a few free tracks on both Insight Timer app and also on Bandcamp. Insight Time has been featuring a recent track in their sleep music section called “Lake Twilight” which is ambient music with natural soundscapes recorded at Bon Tempe Lake.
Wishing everyone a little grounding and peace during these difficult times.
On Bandcamp: (free to download or stream)
Insight Timer: (free to listen with app for iOS or Android) https://insig.ht/UuFreFq8W4
Insight Timer is an amazing resource that I highly recommend. They have many music, meditations and courses for free.

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